In the time between the Atom being announced and finally hitting the market, this sector has become a critical one for many manufacturers. Some of the shock value has been lost in the meantime. It is a testimony to how impressive the Naim is that even after a year of waiting, this is still a product that feels like it has moved the game on. This is the smallest and most affordable of the Uniti products — one that costs significantly less than some of the models we have looked at — but it still manages to compete on pretty much even terms.

The addition of Chromecast support and the HDMI input are not, on their own, revolutionary but they help to create a product that is a superbly judged balance of flexibility and sheer performance.

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naim uniti atom forum

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Latest activity. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Is this the standard by which all such systems must now be judged? Review Specs Discussion Hi-Fi Review. Hop to What is the Uniti Atom? Specifications Design How was the Uniti Atom tested? Sound Quality Verdict Scores.

What is the Uniti Atom? The Naim Uniti Atom is the first and most affordable member of the new Naim Uniti range of all-in-one systems. It is intended to build on the success of the original Uniti line of products that date all the way back to the original Uniti which launched nearly a decade ago. What makes the Uniti Atom noteworthy is that the products it replaces — and it sits somewhere between replacing both the UnitiQute2 and the UnitiLite — were still entirely competitive with most new arrivals when they finished production.

This is a contestable point but, in some regards, this is the first truly second generation product that this category has seen in the time it has been running.

Has the effort been worthwhile and does the Atom move the game onward as a result?Discussion in ' audio ' started by droodzillaMar 22, Log in or Sign up. I get them, not the intended recipient.

I get a lot of them and I do not want them! It is just a notification, log into the site and reply from there. This is just delete by another name. Alternatives to Naim Uniti Star? Are there any all-in-one boxes out there that do everything the Naim Uniti Star does? Play CDs 2. Rip CDs 3. Offer streaming options 4. Built in amplifier I'm asking for a friend.

I don't know if he's committed to any particular streaming service so suggestions don't necessarily have to have everything built in. Ideally, he'slooking for a cheaper solution but it has to be one box - although I'm hoping to persuade him it might be better to add streaming via e.

So, what's out there? Very good unit and knocked spots of Naim last time I heard it. Hard to find though I think they're distributed by Kog now. If he wants to rip CDs, is it really necessary to be able to play them as well?

WhatsisnaimMar 22, It does not rip or play CDs, but you can order the Auralic Polaris with a built-in hard drive or solid state drive. It also supports a wide range of streaming options. Strictly StereoMar 23, Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I think the ability to play CDs is essential and, if anything, it's ripping that is more of a "nice to have". I'll see if I can get him to clarify this. I'm also on the lookout for cheaper options, as I think Naim is always going to be at the top end for price. For example, I suggested he look into the new Quad Artera Solus. He could either buy now and add Sonos, or wait for the wi-fi enabled version due in Autumn. Either way he's paying around half of what the Naim costs.

Off the wall, perhaps and not one box solution : Blu Ray player oppo, technics, yamaha - that will get your discs and streaming handled Single input T-amp, amptastic, temple audio. Peter StockwellMar 23, TimFMar 23, Thanks again for the suggestions - please keep them coming. Or should I assume they won't unless it says otherwise? Novafidelity X35 be worth a look, even has a phono stage built in Gus. Amber AudioMar 23, Strictly Stereo likes this. Weiss-ManMar 23, Just from personal experience, I originally thought that a CD player was essential and thought about buying a uniti.

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Naim Uniti Atom

What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Question of the Week: What one album would you recommend that you think many people haven't heard? Naim uniti atom.

Thread starter newlash09 Start date Feb 13, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Audio Hi-Fi. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Aug 28, 7 4, Any one using it purely as a digital source. I've read that the amplification is adequate.

But not exactly potent. The features list is enticing. As is the robust app and promise of the Naim sound. If I wanted the Naim soundwill using it as a digital premp into the home theatre bypass inputs on my parasound integrated deliver it. Will adding something like the Naim nd5xs, feeding line level into the parasound better it at sound quality and still deliver the Naim sound.Why Affiliate Links? It does all of this in a compact size while sounding damn good doing it.

The Atom is part of the Naim Uniti line and is the most affordable model. Moving up in the line gets you most powerful amplifiers and a few extra features like SD Card slots to store music, but the overall design remains the same. Lifting the Atom out of the box I was surprised at how heavy it is despite the small size. In a world of plastic, lightweight gear where even 11 channel receivers barely weigh 30 pounds, the Atom is built to a different standard.

The sides are clad in black heatsinks with the top offering a large volume dial with indicator lights to show the current level. The front has a large color LCD screen to let you switch between inputs, as well as displaying cover art and other information for the currently playing tracks.

naim uniti atom forum

A ring of lights on the remote, just like the ring on top of the Atom, quickly indicates the volume level without needing to check. When it comes to connectivity, the Atom is well ahead of other integrated units.

A pair of USB ports let you use a flash drive or hard drive to play back your albums and integrated Ethernet and WiFi support streaming from local devices or online services. The only issue with the connectors is the use of BFA banana jacks in the rear, as some people will need new speaker wires, but BFA bananas have been my favorite connector for a few years now so I had a couple of pairs around.

Usually, I listened to the speakers on their own, but at the end, I paired them with an. Almost all of my listening was done using Spotify Connect, Tidal lossless streaming, or Roon.

The Atom supports Spotify Connect so streaming to it from Spotify is as easy as it gets. Music through the Atom sounds nothing less than wonderful. While you might say the amplifier is only 40 watts per channel, it has no trouble driving the relatively inefficient UniFi UB5s or KEF in-walls to high volume levels.

I can only assume the volume control has a maximum level of because I never needed to go beyond Played back through the Naim the percussion has an impressive amount of impact while her vocals, the true highlight of the album, are clear. Perhaps the Naim amplifier section adds a bit of something extra to the output, or it just offers better control than the receivers I used to test bookshelves, but it made the UB5s sound as good as they did at CES when paired with higher-end components.

Even simple Internet radio sounds fantastic on the Naim. An integrated directory of stations makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for, and the ability to save favorites makes it easy to return to them. Just a couple of button presses on the Naim had John Richards playing back the best in true alternative music in my room, sounding as good as it possibly can.

While completely ready for a digital future, the Naim Uniti Atom has a single analog input for those, like me, that keep a turntable around. There is also a stereo pre-out for those that wish to use an external amplifier or, in my case, a subwoofer. You can use the Uniti Atom with their much as you would a Sonos system, only with far improved audio quality. The Uniti Star combines the Atom with a CD drive to rip your collection, along with a MicroSD card slot for storing them and a more robust amplifier section while the Uniti Nova is the reference unit, with the best amplifiers and build quality they can put into an integrated amplifier.

It brought out the absolute best in every speaker I used it with and made music sound wonderful and natural. It provided all the clarity and detail you long to hear but with a truly organic sound that never fatigued. I would love to pair the Uniti Atom with a pair of bookshelves like thethough I feel it can easily drive towers, and keep the SVS SB in the system. That system would be one that provides the ease-of-use of streaming audio from the most popular online sources or local libraries while giving up nothing at all in audio performance.

I came into this review completely unsure how the Uniti Atom would justify its price to me, but have no doubt about the quality and performance you are getting. Highly Recommended. RGB: Full vs. Naim Uniti Atom Review. Review Summary Review Specs Pros Flat-out wonderful audio quality, full arrangement of streaming services built-in along with plenty of legacy inputs and USB connectivity.

Cons Some people won't like the speaker plugs, relies more on USB storage than a local media server. Summary The Naim Uniti Atom is a wonderful sounding, fantastically built, compact stereo receiver that does everything you want it to do.

It can handle audio from your physical sources, your digital library, and streaming services, while even working with your TV. Don't let the small size fool you, as it has plenty of power to showcase the music it plays.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by LebowskiOct 9, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Location: USA. Did a search and came up blank on the M I heard one not too long ago, playing through some PSB bookshelf speakers.

It sounded pretty nice. And it looked really cool, with that big touchscreen displaying album art. A similar amp that comes to mind is the Naim Uniti Atom.

Naim Uniti Atom review

Similar idea, possibly even nicer looking with that huge volume knob sliced out of the top. Is it the form factor? Do we need big heavy boxes that run hot enough to fry an egg? Do we dislike the integration of two components streamer and amp into one?

LebowskiOct 9, I owned the Atom and loved the industrial design, ease of use, access to internet radio stations, and sound quality from the DAC. But I went to an all-DIY system and sold it. JMACOct 9, Location: New York.

People been waiting 8 years for their Atmos cards for the last multichannel pre-amp. SquishySoundsOct 9, Location: Toronto. AgitaterOct 9, Eurofands58 and Lebowski like this. Location: Boston MetroWest.

Location: Boston, MA. All of these all-in-ones make serious compromises that I think would bug you down the line especially re: power supply and typically using Class D implementations, which typically sound like garbage. Combining all these features into slim form factors also increases the amount of noise in the case.

Lebowski likes this. Location: Midwest USA.Currently experiencing their own renaissance of renewed customer confidence, vintage stereo receivers appeal to those who want to dip their toes in plebeian audio for little cost. Stereophile's occasional Musicians As Audiophiles interviews have confirmed the appreciation for vintage audio.

Those beauties' backlit tuning dials and faux wood cabinets are as comforting to me as Ovaltine and meatloaf. Gazing at those vintage products, I couldn't help thinking: What is today's combination integrated amplifier-DAC-streamer-player-ripper-NAS if not a glorified stereo receiver? Like everything else, today's hi-fi gear reflects contemporary technology, consumer trends, and the ever-rising cost of living. Design The Uniti Nova is basically an amplifier plus a turbocharged computer that offers, in a single oblong metal box, almost everything audio that one could desire.

And oh, what a beautiful box it is. The Uniti Nova's case of brushed and CNC-machined aluminum has two long, finned heatsinks as side panels; a sleek-to-the-touch, illuminated volume dial on the top panel that practically spins off rays of light; and a 5", color LCD display.

It seemed like a dance of fireflies floating around my small Manhattan quarters. Replacing the SuperUniti all-in-one, the The "Uniti Nova boasts outstanding new technology which really sets it apart from the rest of the range," boasts Naim online.

Naim's director of marketing and communications, Ryan Latham, told me about the massive rotary volume dial on the top panel: "There's a super smooth, ball bearing-raced volume control with damping grease on the top of the product.

The actual volume control is a discrete component, digitally controlled analogue volume control designed by Naim. It has a 95dB range, accurate channel matching and constant input and output impedance [which] maintains the frequency response irrespective of volume level. Now, with all signals in the digital domain we can simplify the analogue volume control.

Naim is equally proud of the Uniti Nova's component parts, which include leaded polystyrene film capacitors. And large leaded components lower microphonic noise and minimise thermal modulation. We [use] custom made power supply capacitors, and a custom made VA Nuvotem Toroidal transformer.

The Nova's rear panel is only slightly more populated. Setup The Uniti Nova is heavier than it looks. I wrestled it into my equipment rack, where it remained for the duration. I was just Submitted by fetuso on February 15, - pm nice review. I was just downtown this morning, wish I had known about Hi-tech hifi. I was recently in the market for a new integrated and toyed with the idea of a vintage receiver. I also considered some used naim amps.

I ended up getting a great deal on a used Yamaha as integrated and I love it. I still can't get my head around a cassette revival. I get vinyl, it has a sound that's appealing. Mass produced cassettes are just awful sounding - cassette is to vinyl as mp3 is to CD, and very few cassette decks ever had the azimuth adjustment and bias adj. Ten years ago someone stole my beautifull red hatchback, newly serviced, freshly washed and filled up with my decades-old, obscurely sourced collection of cassette tapes.

No practicality at all. The NAD C is a bargain. I think there has to be a Me too movement for these kind of reviews. Shame, Shame, Shame The NAIM is extremely practical, does everything well and sounds fantastic.

The NAD a giant killer? We shall see, review forthcoming. This brit stuff is decidedly not "hair shirt" type gear, which will probably make it a 'slow seller' on the Audiophile Shop Sales Floor. Thank you Stereophile for this Review, you remind us that there is another viable music system World Planet out there.

We once imported a PS audio preamp that COULD be made to sound good but it was very sensitive to varying inputs and outputs so you had to be careful what you connected.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More.

The hi-fi world has been going through a change in recent years, and Naim is one of the few companies fully embracing it.

Naim Uniti Atom review

Gone are the days of hi-fi being limited to a few with the time, patience and space to build a system of separate audio components. Numbered are the days of physical media, thanks to the introduction and steady improvement of online streaming sources.

naim uniti atom forum

So is the Naim Uniti Atom the future of hi-fi? An all-in-one music player comprising a high-resolution streamer and a 40W integrated amplifier, the Uniti Atom is half the size of a typical hi-fi component. However, its vast array of physical and networked connections, plus its stunning design and stellar audio performance suggest that no compromises have been made here.

Related: Best headphones. In some ways, a hi-fi system is like a car. The chassis is almost entirely made of black aluminium. Naim says this serves to maximise thermal stability, which in turn helps with longevity and sonic performance. Sure, you can make it go louder with the remote — but getting up to do it yourself is infinitely more pleasurable.

A white glow emanates from the base of the volume dial, but as you increase volume, parts of its surface light up.

naim uniti atom forum

The Naim logo is also illuminated in white, peering out from behind a bar of acrylic. Naim purists might miss the old green-lit logo, but I always found it a little dated.

A 5-inch LCD screen fills much of the acrylic face plate. That this is no ordinary music system is emphasised through a number of small touches, such as proximity sensors. Get close to the screen and it will switch from cover art to track info; reach for the volume knob and the volume indicator segments light up. Motion sensors are also at play in the remote control. Pick it up and its backlit buttons spring to life.

Very cool indeed. Related: Best Bluetooth speakers. You get three digital inputs two optical, one coaxialone set of analogue RCA inputs, one pre-amp output, 3. Tying everything together is the Naim app, which is tidy and easy enough to navigate. Overall, however, this is one of the better audio control apps out there. The Power-Line Lite is a kettle lead on steroids, featuring floating pins within the case for superior electrical contact and a decoupled mechanical design, which aims to prevent vibrations travelling between components.

I tried several sets of speakers for this test — some old Mordaunt-Short MS10, the new Q Acoustics iand my default setup — a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1. The highest compliment that I can pay the Naim Uniti Atom is that it made me want to rediscover my favourite songs. I got into hi-fi in the first place because I wanted to hear more of the music I enjoyed. Happily, Naim has brought me back to a mood of discovery and rediscovery. And listening to the Naim Unit Atom, it often felt like a veil had been lifted off some of my most familiar test tracks.

The level of insight — of clarity and detail — is simply remarkable.

Sony HAP S1 REVIEW - Using A Hi-Res Audio player to resurrect my ripped CDs (Part 2)

The smallest differences in production are laid bare. The real treat is the rhythmic precision and the enunciation of the smallest imperfections, which gives you a connection to the human behind the instrument. This is a hugely dynamic listen, too. However, where it really shines is in the subtle dynamic shifts that make vocals expressive, or orchestral crescendos hit home.

This insight, timing and dynamism was consistently delivered across any genre of music thrown at the system. The funky psychedelia of Dr John, the low-end menace of Massive Attack, the big-band chaos of Buena Vista Social Club, the bright brass of John Williams, the melancholic vocals of Rachel Yamagata — nothing could confound the Naim Uniti Atom, which shifted gears appropriately at every turn.

Even more impressive was the fact that the system did this with a variety of sources, from kbps Spotify to CD-quality to bit tracks streamed via aptX HD Bluetooth.

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